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One of the original drinks of the cocktail world is The Old Fashioned, and is the perfect concoction to take any craft spirit to the next level. We are big believers that most spirits can shine with just a little bit of sugar, water, and carefully chosen bitters.

It is one of our most popular cocktails served at our Burlington Tasting Room, and we decided we wanted to give you the ability to enjoy them in your own homes.

Mad River Bourbon Whiskey Old Fashioned

Our Bourbon Whiskey Bottled Old Fashioned is perfect for anyone looking for the flavors of a classic Old Fashioned. Our Bourbon is smooth on the pallet, with the subtle sweetness of corn. With our homemade bitters and some sugar, and you have a classic drink.

Revolution Rye Old Fashioned

Our Revolution Rye Whiskey Bottled Old Fashioned is perfect for someone looking for a unique flavor with a little bit of kick at the end. With chocolate and mocha notes, and a little bit of peppery spice at the back end, our most unique Old Fashioned will be sure to impress.

Maple Cask Rum Old Fashioned

Our Maple Cask Rum Bottled Old Fashioned is perfect for Rum drinkers and Whiskey drinkers alike! With just a touch of sweetness from the sugarcane base and whiskey tendencies from the aging process, it strikes a perfect balance for anyone to enjoy!

Enjoy served over ice!

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