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PX Express cocktail on a table

PX Express

  • Author: Mad River Distillers
  • Yield: 1 cocktail 1x
PX Express cocktail on a table


The PX Express cocktail features our PX Rum—a rum finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, resulting in toffee, caramel and raisin notes. But those aren’t the only flavors you’ll find in this cocktail, which includes a lemon balm syrup and blueberry cardamom bitters.


  • 2 oz of PX Rum
  • 1 oz of Lemon Balm Syrup
  • 1 oz of fresh lemon juice
  • 2-3 dashes of Bitters Lab Blueberry Cardamom Bitters
  • Club soda
  • sprig of lemon balm or lemon verbena for garnish


  1. Build this cocktail in a stemless wine glass, with ice.
  2. Add the PX Rum, Lemon Balm Syrup,* fresh lemon juice and Blueberry Cardamom Bitters to the glass.
  3. Gently stir ingredients in the glass to incorporate them.
  4. Top the glass with club soda.
  5. Add a sprig of lemon balm or lemon verbena for garnish.


*To make a lemon balm syrup:

  1. Start by making a regular simple syrup, heating to dissolve one part sugar in one part water in a pan.
  2. As the simple syrup cools, stir in fresh lemon balm leaves.
  3. Once the syrup is completely cool, strain out the lemon balm leaves. Kept refrigerated, the syrup should be good for one week.

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