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Source Spotlight: Kelvin Cooperage

Among the most significant decisions a distillery can make is who they partner with for barrels. A lot of facets impact the flavor of a spirit, but the barrel can make or break the flavor. Learn about Kelvin Cooperage and how their barrels help impart the distinctive flavors in our spirits.

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Hand Sanitizer

While our Burlington store remains closed and the Taste Place is accepting curbside orders only, we have been busy at the distillery making hand sanitizer for weekly Mad River Valley giveaways. As you know, we don't make vodka or gin, so to re-distill our rum to a high proof for sanitizer takes time!! It's very […]

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What exactly is Rum, anyway?

Rum, Defined Spirit categories can be nebulous and confusing. Some spirits, like gin, must make use of specific ingredients. Others, like bourbon and rye, must use certain ingredients and be aged in a specific way, while vodka can be made from virtually anything as long as it’s distilled at a high enough proof. Rum, on […]

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Featured Bartender - Catherine Hood

Eight Seas Pop-Up Tiki Bar Proprietor Catherine Hood featured Mad River Distillers cocktails in her Dean Hotel Pop-Up Wednesday, October 17. Catherine is based in Providence, Rhode Island.  See our cocktails section for the recipes! Catherine founded Eight Seas in 2017 as a pop-up cocktail experience inspired by historic and contemporary tiki cocktails and culture. […]

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Maple Cask Rum in the HuffPo!

Survive Thanksgiving In Style With These 9 Delicious American Spirits 11-20-17 Tony Sachs, Contributor Writer of words, drinker of booze, eater of food, listener of music, watcher of baseball. MAD RIVER MAPLE CASK RUM (46% ABV, $43). This Vermont-based distillery has been producing some mighty fine whiskey and rum for more than 1/20th of a century […]