A Craft Distillery Located in Vermont's Mad River Valley.

We started the distillery in 2011 on a 150 year old farm nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains.  Mad River Distillers is committed to making spirits that celebrate local producers and sustainable agriculture and we distill all of our spirits by hand and from scratch.  All of our grains are sourced regionally from non-GMO sources, and we use Vermont ingredients when available. The sugar in our rum is fair trade certified and sustainably harvested.  The water for our fermentations is drawn from a pure mountain spring on our farm. Our focus is producing spirits with character.  We believe that the spirits we distill should be a reflection of the grains and fruit from which they are drawn.  As a craft distiller, we are small batch producers. We ferment, distill and bottle bourbon, rye, rum and apple brandy. Currently, our spirits are available in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  To locate us near you, visit the “buy our spirits” page.

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