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Bananas Foster

It's like a Bananas Foster dessert, in cocktail form, made using our First Run Rum, banana liqueur, dry curaçao, orgeat syrup and a lot of bitters.

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Cider Punch

Combining Maple Cask Rum with a hard and dry cider, this cocktail is simple to mix and very flavorful as a single cocktail or party punch!

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Ginger Cookie

This cocktail combines our Vanilla Rum along with Amaretto, Dry Vermouth, ginger syrup and bitters for a gingerbread cookie-inspired sipper.

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Cranberry Bog

This delicious recipe features a beautiful cranberry color and a candied cranberry garnish, which is sure to impress.

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Three Cocktails For Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, so much attention is given to the main course, but what about drinks? Here, we have a few new cocktail recipes to try.

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Drinks For Your Halloween Celebration

If you’re on the hunt for some delicious but thematic drink ideas for Halloween, here are a few recipes to work into your party planning.

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Manhattan Cocktail Recipes

At Mad River Distillers, we love Manhattan cocktails! We're sharing our favorite Manhattan (and Manhattan inspired) recipes.

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Vanilla Rum Roasted Acorn Squash

This is not your typical dessert! Acorn halves are roasted with a sweet topping and an ounce of our Vanilla Rum—which is an all natural rum infused with Tahitian vanilla beans—then served with a scoop of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream.

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Coffee Day Cocktails

We’re sharing three of our Negroni riff cocktail recipes, which swap the base spirit (gin) with our PX Rum and Revolution Rye Whiskey.

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Bitters For Beginners

What are bitters? If you don’t know or if you’re new to bitters, this post will serve as your Bitters for Beginners guide.