Mad River Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The "American Spirit" with a unique Vermont twist.

Bourbon has become “The American Spirit” in a way that cognac represents France, gin represents England and vodka represents Russia in the hearts of their consumers. We offer our own special Vermont take on the liquid gold so associated with Appalachia. We use only regionally-sourced, non-GMO grains and mature our bourbons on site in the clear, clean air of Vermont.

Our bourbon has a wonderful deep and rich aroma of Vermont-grown corn, smokiness on the palate, and a smooth aromatic finish. Since bringing our bourbon to market in May of 2014, we have been selling it at local farmers markets, the distillery and of course through the Vermont state liquor stores. The response has been overwhelming — we can barely keep it in stock!


Straight Bourbon Whiskey | 46% ABV | 750ml | USA