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Winners at the 2023 Ascot Awards

It's been a wonderful award season for Mad River Distillers!

Started by the whiskey writer Fred Minnick, the Ascot Awards is judged by the American Spirits Council of Tasters. At this year's competition, two of our spirits took home a medal—our Rum 44 received a gold award and our Burnt Rock Bourbon received a platinum award.

The award notes described Rum 44 as a versatile rum for cocktails. And it really is versatile! We use this silver rum, made with 100% Demerara sugar, in all kinds of infusions and cocktail recipes. It's the perfect staple spirit in your bar. Distilled on the 44th parallel, this spirit has also received 92 points in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and is considered a "Best Value".

The award notes describe our Burnt Rock Bourbon as nutty and buttery with a soft sweet finish, and a lovely mouth-watering texture. It's made with a combination of 70% Corn, 15% Rye, and 15% Smoked Barley, and it explodes with flavor and spice with just a touch of smoke. 

Visit our Purchase page to see where you can find a bottle of this award-winning rum near you, or to buy online. You can also find bottles at one of our Tasting Rooms.

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