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2022 Burlington Tasting Room Holiday Gift Guide

Our Burlington Tasting Room isn't just a great place to taste our spirits, it's a great place to shop. Our retail section is filled with everything from glassware to barware, from bitters to mixers, and books to apparel. Whether you're out shopping for your favorite cocktail lover, or if you just need some supplies for your own home bar, you'll find a range of options to suit a variety of tastes. The bonus? After you're done shopping, you can relax with a tasting of our spirits or order one of our delicious cocktails.

Here are our top gift recommendations for 2022:

2022 Gift Guide: Spirit Gift Pack

Our Favorites Gift Pack

Our spirits gift pack includes three of our best-selling Vermont-made spirits in “flask” sized 200ml bottles, including our Bourbon, Revolution Rye and Maple Cask Rum.

Cocktails Gift Pack

Cocktails that are ready to pour and sip. This gift pack includes our Bourbon Whiskey Old Fashioned, our Maple Fig Madhattan (a Manhattan made with Maple Cask Rum and Black Fig Vodka), and our Revolution Rye Old Fashioned.

2022 Gift Guide: Cocktail Gift Pack
2022 Gift Guide: Cocktail & Sons 12 Days of Cocktails

12 Days of Cocktails

It's like an advent calendar but with cocktail syrups! Find this gift pack from COCKTAIL & SONS, as well as a Sample Pack of syrups, and even individual bottles.

Craft Cocktail Mixers

Just pour these El Guapo cocktail mixers over ice and add in your favorite Mad River Distillers spirit, then sip and enjoy. It's an easy way to make a great craft cocktail.

2022 Gift Guide: El Guapo Craft Cocktail Mixers
2022 Gift Guide: Bitters Gift Sets

Bitters Gift Packs

Our Tasting Room has an entire wall dedicated to bitters. In fact, we might just have the most extensive selection of bitters in the state. You'll find popular gift sets from Scrappy's Bitters, Bennett Bitters and more, as well as individual bottles.

Spirit Sippers & Nippers

Vena's Fizz House Spirit Sippers and Nippers are made with freeze-dried fruits, herbs, and natural sweeteners. You simply add your favorite spirit, steep in the jar for a couple days, then enjoy!

2022 Gift Guide: Vena's Sippers & Nippers
2022 Gift Guide: Glassware and whiskey stones

Glassware & Stones

We carry a variety of glassware, including our best selling rocks glasses. You'll also find supplies like whiskey stones (to keep your drinks cold without diluting them), coasters (to keep your tables in tip top shape), and even cutting boards (for cutting all those cocktail garnishes).

Barware Supplies

Find all the cocktail making essentials to build a barware set, including shakers, strainers, barspoons, jiggers, mixing glasses, and more. We carry different finish options to match your aesthetic.

2022 Gift Guide: Barware
2022 Gift Guide: Ice Molds

Ice Molds

These ice cube molds make the perfect large ice cube, so not only will your cocktail look and taste cool, it will also have the perfect dilution.

Spirited Maple Syrups

Find bottles of Wood's Bourbon Barrel Aged and Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, as well as Old City Syrup Company's Bourbon Barrel Aged maple syrup. Tip: syrup is great in cocktails, like our Maple Bourbon Sour.

2022 Gift Guide: Bourbon Barrel Aged and Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
2022 Gift Guide: Alice & The Magician

Cocktail Aromatics

With Alice & The Magician's cocktail aromatic mists and elixirs, you can add to the flavor of your cocktails without diluting them. It's an unexpected but memorable way to make a great craft cocktail.


Give the gift of local with some cool Mad River merch, including our comfy and cozy hoodies, a variety of t-shirts, and hats.

2022 Gift Guide: Mad River Distillers apparel
2022 Gift Guide: Mad River Distillers spirits

Mad River Spirits

Don't forget the most spirited gift of all... Our spirits! At our Burlington Tasting Room, you can find bottles of our rye, bourbon and rums, and on occasion, our limited bottles!

Above are just some of the items you can find at our Burlington Tasting Room. Visit us for all your spirits and barware needs, and show your support for local business. Find us at 137 St. Paul Street in Burlington, VT.

Not Local?

If you're located out of state, visit our Purchase page to see where you can pick up our spirits online and in stores near you.

Best wishes for a spirited holiday season!

Written by Brianne Lucas and published on November 15, 2022

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