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The Perfect Cocktail to Celebrate International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Nathielly DeOliveira of Committee—a restaurant located in Boston—created an incredible craft cocktail featuring Mad River Distillers Revolution Rye. Nathielly wanted to create a cocktail that celebrates the many triumphs of women both throughout history and within the industry, using spirits that inspire her creativity. 

“I immediately thought of two brands that stand out to me as women-owned and operated. For the base spirit I chose Mad River Rye. Owned by an amazing power couple who hire dope women to sell and inspire fellow bartenders, this rye brings earthiness, hints of berry, walnut and tropical spice to my creation.”

Nathielly DeOliveira

Nathielly also chose Nonino Aperitivo in support of the female leaders behind the brand—the Nonino sisters. Bringing these two power brands together, Nathielley created this riff on a Paper Plane, paying homage to Amelia Earhart. Although it has a tropical influence, you'll journey through several complex favors with this cocktail. Like Amelia, and so many other female icons both past and present, this drink is "more than what meets the eye."

Look for this great cocktail on the spring menu at Committee starting in April. Here's how you can make this drink from home:


> 1 oz Nonino Aperitivo
> 3/4 Tsp Alta Verde
> 1 oz Mad River Revolution Rye
> 1 oz Acidified Piñeapple (citric acid blended with pineapple purée)
> 2 Tbsp Benedictine
> Pressed Coconut Ice Cube 

1. To create the Pressed Coconut Ice Cube, freeze Vita Coco Pressed Coconut Water.
2. Add ingredients to a shaker, and shake. 
3. Double strain contents over the pressed coconut cube, and enjoy!

About Nathielly DeOliveria: Originally from Brazil but having spent most of her life in Cambridge, Nathielley has been bartending in the Boston area since she was 18. 
Photo credit: Heather Saide

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