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Wedding Gift Ideas

It’s wedding season! If you (or someone you know) is getting married soon, then chances are you’re in need of a few gift ideas. 

Gifts are typical for the best man, maid of honor, wedding party, ushers, other wedding helpers, parents of the bride and groom, and of course, the bride and groom themselves. So, here are a variety of gift ideas to give thanks to those who are the most integral to you on your very special day.

Mad River Distillers Wedding Gift Ideas

Old Fashioned Gift Pack

Know someone who loves to have an Old Fashioned cocktail in their hand? Check out our Old Fashioned Variety Pack with ready-to-go (ready-to-drink) cocktails made from our Bourbon Whiskey, Maple Cask Rum, and Revolution Rye spirits. There’s no need to take out a mixing glass and stir, you just pour and enjoy.

Old Fashioned Kit

If that someone you know loves an Old Fashioned, but prefers to make them from scratch, our Burlington Tasting Room has all the ingredients you need to put together a great Old Fashioned kit. Just pick up a bottle of our Straight Bourbon or Revolution Rye, Angostura Bitters and a jar of Luxardo Cherries. We’ll put them in a craft paper bag for you—all you’ll need is a little tissue paper and a thank you card to complete the gift.

Tropical Tiki Gift

Does someone in your party prefer fruity beverages with a tropical twist? Who could blame them! Fruity rum drinks are delicious, and at Mad River Distillers, we are well known for our rums. At our Burlington Tasting Room, you can find each of our rum spirits, including Rum 44, Vanilla Rum, First Run Rum, Maple Cask Rum or PX Rum. We also have a variety of tiki glasses for sale, and common tropical drink mixers like Orgeat, so you can easily put together a Tropical Tiki gift set.

Spirits Gift Pack

These flask-sized bottles are a popular choice for wedding party gifts. At 200ml, they are a great way to sample a variety of our spirits. It’s also a budget-friendly way to gift spirits to a larger group. And, it’s the perfect size to stow away in luggage, a small purse or pocket (you know, should that be needed).

Bitters Gift Set

Have you ever received a gift that you wouldn’t have thought to buy yourself, but you are super excited when someone gets it for you? Bitters easily fit into this bucket (and almost any gift bag, just saying). Cocktail lovers know that one of the best ways to enhance a cocktail is by using bitters. So, if you have a cocktail lover helping out with your wedding, you can’t go wrong with a gift set, or even a single bottle. Our Burlington Tasting Room has a whole wall dedicated to bitters! Don’t worry, if you need help figuring out what to choose, our team is happy to point you in the right direction.

Barware Starter Set

If your friend or family member would love a ready-to-drink Old Fashioned because they don’t have a barware set at home, we can remedy that. At our Burlington Tasting Room, we carry all the cocktail making essentials—shakers, strainers, barspoons, ice trays & more—so you can easily build and gift a great barware starter set.

Glassware Gift

A great addition to any spirit or cocktail-themed gift would be glassware. We carry a variety of styles at our Burlington Tasting Room, such as rocks glasses, Glencairn glasses, stemless wine glasses, beer glasses and more, so you can choose a glass that would traditionally be used to serve each recipient's favorite cocktail, or whatever glass you prefer.

Gift Local

In addition to the gift ideas above, we also carry a variety of Mad River merch for sale online and at our Burlington Tasting Room. The bonus? By stocking up on your wedding party gift supplies with Mad River Distillers, your purchases help to support local business. After all that gifting, if you’re tired and need a break, grab a chair at our bar and sample some spirits or cocktails for yourself.

To find the items above (and more), visit us at 137 St. Paul Street, in Burlington, VT. 

Not Local, But Like Our Spirits?

If you're located out of state, visit our Purchase page to see where you can pick up our spirits online and in stores near you. 

Best wishes for a smooth and joyous wedding day! Cheers!

Written and edited by Brianne Lucas. Published on June 20, 2022.

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