Revolution Rye Whiskey


The "traditional" American spirit using local and regional rye.

In 1799, at the time of George Washington’s death, his estate was the largest producer of whiskey in the United States, turning out 11,000 gallons of rye each year.

Between the combination of Prohibition and the availability of cheaper alternative grains, rye gradually fell out of favor.  A decade ago, you would be hard pressed to find a single bottle of rye on the back shelf of a bar. Since then, Washington’s spirit has seen something of a rebirth, and small American craft distilleries have taken up the challenge to re-create the magic of this peppery and complex distillate.

At Mad River Distillers, we take this one step further.  Our rye whiskey is carefully fermented from local and organic rye and distilled using our German still to bring out its delicate nuances.  It is earthy and peppery with hints of walnut, berry and tropical spice. We use three distinct rye varietals, including chocolate malted rye, which lends the spirit a cocoa richness and finish. We use an “all rye” mash bill, with a portion of “toasted rye” which releases aromatic chocolate and mocha notes into the distillate. The result is the perfect rye for making cocktails or drinking neat. Made in Vermont.


Revolution Rye Whiskey | 48% ABV | 750ml | USA


Revolution Rye Whiskey Recipes