Maple Cask Rum

Rum finished in spirits barrels that held maple syrup. Rich and complex with hints of smoky whiskey.

Mad River Maple Cask Rum begins its life as our First Run Rum, distilled from 100% demerara sugar. We trade barrels with syrup maker Al Wood, of Wood's Vermont Syrup Company, and he returns our rum barrels once he has finished crafting his rum barrel aged syrup. The First Run Rum is then transferred into these maple-cured barrels, and the result is a rum that is smooth and bright with a nose of tropical fruits and butterscotch flavors.

From tasting notes of Spirits of the Americas competition:

“Mad River Maple Cask Rum – Rich, tropical and confectionary nose, with a bourbon quality that shows good balance and great promise. American rum returns to greatness with this sipper, rich in flavor and substance.”

Serving Suggestions: straight in an old fashioned tumbler with an ice cube or two. Alternatively, it makes an excellent Maple Mojito – as served at Sugarbush, VT.


Rum | 48% ABV | 750ml | USA


Maple Cask Rum Recipes