Burnt Rock Bourbon Whiskey


The American Spirit with a smoky Vermont twist.

Named for a popular hiking trail in the Mad River Valley, Burnt Rock Bourbon was an accidental experiment turned right. Our Head Distiller Al came up with the idea to smoke barley over maple wood and add it to a Bourbon mash. With a combination of 70% Corn, 15% Rye, and 15% Smoked Barley the Burnt Rock Bourbon is especially unique. This whiskey explodes with flavor and spice with just a touch of smoke.  92 proof.

"A nutty, grainy, buttery bourbon with a soft sweet finish and a lovely mouth-coating texture. Tasty and well-honed." Ascot Awards, Platinum Medal, 2023


Burnt Rock Bourbon | 46% ABV | 750ml | USA


Burnt Rock Bourbon Whiskey Recipes