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Purple Skies

Our spin on the Aviation cocktail made with Rum 44, Creme de Violette, and a special ingredient that offers a beautiful pop of purple.

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Dalat Gardens

This cocktail was inspired by Gragen Cook’s trip to Vietnam, and his discovery of Tamarind while there. Here, Gragen incorporates the flavors of Tamarind into a cocktail recipe featuring our Revolution Rye. 

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The Expat Cocktail

Gragen Cook shares his spin on The Expat cocktail, inspired by his trip to Puerto Rico, using Maple Cask Rum and lime oleo-saccharum.

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What Is A Fat-Washed Cocktail?

If you haven’t heard of fat-washing cocktails, now is the time to read up on the trend. We also offer a recipe you can make from home.

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Fat-Washed Vanilla Tropics

This cocktail not only has incredible flavor from our Vanilla Rum and a tropical passionfruit syrup, it has an incredible texture thanks to a coconut fat-wash.

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Mad River Caipirinha

Using a homemade lime oleo-saccharum and our Rum 44, this Caipirinha recipe packs much more flavor than your typical Caipirinha recipe.